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Work Ethic - Creativity - Trust

Work Ethic - Creativity - Trust

Work Ethic - Creativity - Trust

Work Ethic - Creativity - Trust

Work Ethic - Creativity - Trust

Group Training


Do you as a player get enough touches, reps, and contacts on the ball during your team training environment? Do you come out of your sessions feeling unproductive, unchallenged & frustrated due to the lack of activity on the ball?


There's nothing worse than waiting in line during team training to take 3 shots on goal in 20 minutes...


Along with that, how often do you as a player get individual feedback and how to improve?

Next to never! How do we know that? Because we were in the same spot!

Now that's where we, SAP Training Systems, come in..


Our sessions ensure players get the additional training on the ball they need as footballers, and aims to supplement their team training to ensure they're fully prepared for every possible situation come match day.


Sessions follow a carefully structured curriculum, focusing on every aspect of 'The Beautiful Game' to ensure players are given the tools to grow, develop, and excel, as well rounded players and people.

On-the-ball, our curriculum focuses on individual training components that are a necessary to be mastered to reach the top level. These components include, but aren't limited to, directional first touch and ball control, 1v1 attacking & defending, ball mastery, manipulation & dribbling, ball striking & finishing, and more.

Off-the-ball, players are provided a training platform to increase their performance physically, as well as decrease their risk of injury over the long term. We focus on aspects off-the-ball such as acceleration, top speed, change of direction & agility, power & explosiveness, balance & coordination, and more.

Interested in Training with us?

Take a moment to click the button below and book your spot in one of our many upcoming group training sessions! We're looking forward to you joining our community and becoming a part of the SAP family!

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