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Work Ethic - Creativity - Trust

Work Ethic - Creativity - Trust

Work Ethic - Creativity - Trust

Work Ethic - Creativity - Trust

Work Ethic - Creativity - Trust


Personal Training

Personal Training Services

1-on-1 Personal Training

Small Group Fitness Training

Virtual and Online Training

Strength and Functionality

Our personal training services focus on strength and functionality - there must be a purpose to your training. Whether this is to improve your running time, grab and carry objects around the house, or help a friend move, strength work is essential for our health and lifestyle.

Core, Balance and Coordination

Everything is linked to your core - and improving your core strength will lead to improvements both in the gym, as well as in life as well. The ability to adequately fire and brace your core will also lead to increased balance and coordination, leading to increased confidence while performing your daily activities.

Endurance and Conditioning

With training comes endurance and conditioning, leading to cardiovascular improvements. This is important for your life and for your health, and we won't just stick you on a treadmill - we'll make it much more interesting than that such as circuit training, kettle bells, battle ropes and more.

Mobility, Flexibility and Activation

Increasing your daily movement in itself will increase your mobility and flexibility, but we'll be sure to spend the required time to ensure you're moving freely. Along with dynamic movements, we'll also ensure you learn how to activate and 'fire' the correct muscles that are needed for both the session itself, as well as during any movements in your daily life.


We also have experience with nutrition and guidance regarding you and your eating habits. As a separate entity, we will provide basic nutritional guidance that will lead to you living a healthier and happier lifestyle.

World Class Facility

Finally, SAP Training Systems is based in Edmonton, Canada, and works within an exceptional facility downtown Edmonton, called Elevate Sports Performance located inside Evolve on 124th street.

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